Gleton | Thermostatic Shower System With 5 Water Outlet Modes And Digital Temperature Display - GLH2411

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Introducing the Gleton Thermostatic Shower System GLH2411, ushering in an unprecedented showering experience. This system features a 52cm long storage platform, equipped with sci-fi inspired ambient lighting and a display for temperature and time, ensuring easy organization. The high-quality piano key switches independently control the water modes. Paired with a high-pressure sanitary spray gun, it effectively cleanses away foam and stains. An innovative adjustable four-nozzle spray provides a backwashing function that offers a massaging spa experience for your back. Meanwhile, enjoy a celestial shower experience under a vast starry-sky ceiling spray, creating an unparalleled experience.

  • Thermostatic Shower System: This system helps protect children and the elderly from scalding due to sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure.
  • Real-time Water Temperature Display: During use, it displays the water temperature and duration of use, helping you find the most comfortable setting and enjoy your bath, leaving daily stresses behind. The display is powered by the flow of water through a hydroelectric mechanism, eliminating the need for electricity or batteries. It is waterproof and activates when the water is turned on.
  • 5 Water Outlets: The outlets are independently controlled by switches that resemble piano keys and include a top spray, hand-held shower, bidet spout, back spray, and tub faucet. Each outlet has a designated switch, with functions clearly marked. The large, flat main panel doubles as a shelf for toiletries, saving space. The durable brass construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Rain Shower Head: The 13" (330mm) x 8" (200mm) rain shower head utilizes innovative air injection technology to mix water with air, enhancing the water pressure by up to 100% and simulating natural rainfall. The extensive coverage provides a luxurious, rainfall-like experience with ample pressure.
  • 3 Function Hand Shower: It offers three massage modes to help relax the body, making it ideal for everyone in the family, including pets. The closely grouped silicone jets ensure an even spray and resist lime and hard water buildup.
  • Hidden Tub Spout: The sleek, hidden spout fills tubs quickly, adding both style and functionality to the design. It includes a bubbler that filters impurities from the water.
  • Brand Advantage: Gleton offers exclusive VIP service to every customer. Should you encounter any issues with our thermostatic shower system, please contact us promptly. Our professional customer service team is committed to providing a satisfactory resolution.

Product Details

Water Heater for Thermostatic Shower System

*NOTE: to install the thermostatic shower system correctly, the water outlet must be hot water on the LEFT and cold on the RIGHT.

Type of Water Heater Applicability Suggestion
Electric Storage Water Heater YES Capacity: 60L above. Hot water temperature setting: 55°C-65°C
Heat Pump Water Heater YES Capacity: 100L above. Hot water temperature setting: 55°C-65°C
Gas Water Heater YES Capacity: 12L above. Hot water temperature setting: 55°C-65°C
Solar Water Heater NO Use normal shower system (non-thermostatic)
Instantaneous Electric Water Heater NO Use normal shower system (non-thermostatic)
Wall Mounted Water Heater NO Use normal shower system (non-thermostatic)
Tankless Gas Water Heater NO Use normal shower system (non-thermostatic)
Boiler Floor Heating Water Heater NO Use normal shower system (non-thermostatic)

Frequently Asked Question

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Does the water temperature display require a battery or electricity?
Is there any requirement for water pressure?
Can I change the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
Why is there some water inside of the item when I receive it, is it normal?
What is the warranty of the shower system?

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